Oakton Accident recoverySince our inception, the team at Oakton Tow Truck has long been the go-to source for all of your towing needs. But did you know that we are also one of the top options in the region for all of your junk car removal needs? That is right, the company that you have long trusted for towing also can get rid of that beater with ease.

Our Service

As one of the leading towing companies in Virginia, we know what it takes to be successful. When you call our dispatchers, you should expect to answer a few questions.

– The make, model, and year of the vehicle

– The current condition of the vehicle and include if there have been any previous accidents or other issues

– If the car is drivable

– The current location of the vehicle

Once our dispatchers have that information, we will provide you with a no-pressure quote on what your vehicle is worth on the secondary market over the phone. We work with the leading junkyards and re-sellers to ensure that you can enjoy top dollar on every one of our beaters. Once we agree on terms, our dispatcher will provide you with a pick-up time.

We ensure our drivers are on time and fully prepared with all the necessary transfer paperwork to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible. Once the vehicle is signed over to our drivers, we will recover or tow the car from its resting place and get it on our truck. Once that is done, our driver will hand over the cold hard cash. That is right, Oakton Tow Truck pays cash for our junk cars. We only provide cold hard cash for trades with no checks, no e-transfers, not even a money order for our junk car removal services. Finally, we will take your junk car to its final resting place or a re-seller, depending on its condition. Removing your junk car is that easy, and we cannot wait to make it happen for you!

Our guarantee

When you choose Oakton Tow Truck for your junk car removal service, we can guarantee three things. First and foremost, you will get the most amount of money for your beater. We compare and check around to ensure your vehicle is getting top dollar when we provide you with a quote. Secondly, we can guarantee that our driver and a tow truck will be at your location on time. Third, and most importantly, our drivers will get all the paperwork done so that you only have to sign over the vehicle—no more paperwork, no more headaches, just your junk car removed.

Whether you are looking to get rid of a junker or finally get rid of that rust bucket that has been sitting in the driveway for years, with Oakton Tow Truck, you can enjoy the best price for your car, truck, or SUV every time. We take the guesswork out of junk car removal, and best of all, your beater is gone for good!

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