towing service OaktonDid you know that Oakton, VA had one of the most cost-effective hauling services in the region? Well, we do, and it is right here at Oakton Tow Truck. Our fleet of tow trucks does more than haul vehicles for a living, and we are proud to offer local businesses and individuals our excellent local hauling services. From weirdly sized sculptures to pallets, our tow trucks have hauled it all. Below you will find a little more about some of the services we have offered and can still offer at some of the best prices in Oakton, VA.

Pallet Hauling

Pallets are one of the most popular things that we haul these days. Not only do they fit nicely on our flatbed tow truck, but they are also easy to load and offload by hand or via forklift. We have worked with some great retailers over the years, and our flatbed tow trucks make the perfect medium-sized pallet hauling vehicle. So, if you need to move some pallets quickly, it is about time that you called Oakton Tow Truck and experience why our trucks are the perfect size for pallet hauling!

Packages Hauling

We are not the United States Post Office, but our fleet of flatbed tow trucks can undoubtedly deliver more extensive packages with ease. We have worked with a whole variety of companies on package hauling, and we deliver with ease. One of the best things is that as we are flatbed tow trucks, offloading and loading is an absolute breeze. This means our flatbed trucks are the perfect option for larger packages such as appliances and workout equipment.

Cargo Hauling

If you want to move smaller amounts of cargo in and around Oakton, VA, you need to chat with Oakton Tow Truck. We have been providing smaller cargo hauling for years and are one of the most cost-efficient options in the market. Our flatbed trucks are the perfect size to move smaller loads, and due to their flatbed nature make offload and loading an absolute dream. So whether you have pallets, drums, or anything else, our flatbed trucks might be the solution you are looking for in cargo hauling.

Specialized Hauling

We have hauled a lot of exciting things over the years. Our flatbed tow trucks are an excellent choice for specialized hauling from custom art sculptures to trellises and even outhouses; we have hauled it all. With our great rates, and ability to strap anything down with expert precision, your specialized haul will arrive in perfect condition and at the agreed-upon time. Simple as that.

So, if you are looking for local hauling services in and around the Oakton, VA region, it is about time that you chatted with the experts at Oakton Tow Truck. We are the local hauling option you never knew about with great rates and even better drivers! So, if you need hauling, give us a call and see why so many in the Oakton, VA area use Oakton Tow Truck for all of their local hauling needs.


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